About Puna Hongwanji

front and center view of Puna Hongwanji temple building

Puna Hongwanji, founded in 1902, is a Shin (Pure Land) Buddhist temple. It has provided spiritual support and guidance throughout the Puna community for more than 100 years. The present temple was built in 1937 and the columbarium in 1963.

Behind the temple and columbarium stands a bodhi tree, which was started from a cutting in Thailand, whose history dates back to a cutting from the bodhi tree under which the historical Buddha, Shakyamuni attained enlightenment. The tree was presented to Puna Hongwanji by Mr. Herbert Shipman who also selected the site in which it was planted.

large bodhi tree filling the frame

Vision & Mission

Puna Hongwanji Mission will be a dynamic and unique temple for Hawaii serving the spiritual needs of the community through Jodo Shinshu Teachings.

Puna Hongwanji Mission is a community of people joined in the joy of a common faith in Amida Buddha to share the Dharma in our daily living.

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