The Three Treasures of Buddhism

I go to the Buddha for guidance. I go to the Dharma for guidance. I go to the Sangha for guidance.

Buddha – Awakened Teacher

Statue of Amida Buddha, Foster Botanical Garden

Statue of Amida Buddha in Foster Botanical Garden, Honolulu, HI.

Buddha is the one who was awakened to the truth of life. With that awakening, Buddha sees the sentient beings and found the way how they may also attain enlightenment.

In our Hongwanji tradition, Amida Buddha, the Buddha of Compassion and Wisdom, made vows to embrace all people as they are and emancipate all beings from worries and sufferings, and bring utmost bliss and peace to every single person. With Great Compassion and Wisdom, Amida Buddha embraces and includes all without discrimination. In the embrace of Amida Buddha, we are accepted as we are and live lives to the fullest with humility and gratitude.

Dharma – Universal Truth

Shin Buddhism is based on the life and writings of Master Shinran (1173-1263) who traced the commentaries of seven Buddhist masters back to their source of inspiration. Dharma is the teachings of Buddhism and its essence is the enlightenment of the universal truth.

Through the Vow of Amida Buddha, we as human beings are enabled to see our true natures of human ego, self-centeredness, Greed, Anger, and Bombuness (foolishness). Not knowing our true selves, we try to live lives of peace and gratitude each day. We live lives of interdependence and unrepeatable moments. We will help and work together with mutual respect and understanding within our families, friends, cousins, the larger community, and in a world guided by Amida Buddha.

Uncertainty and worries that surround us naturally give us negative thoughts; however, in the embrace of Amida Buddha, we will receive everlasting happiness in the midst of uncertainty and worries.

Sangha – Harmonious Group

Puna Hongwanji Buddhist Temple sign - Sunday Family Service 9 a.m., Everyone is Welcome

A Sangha is a group of people who practice Buddhist values at a temple, home, work place, and in the community.

Puna Hongwanji welcomes and embraces all people beyond all differences of race, gender, religious background, sexual orientations, and culture. The temple provides opportunities to participate in various activities, meet old friends, and make new ones.

Puna Hongwanji is a special place for you to apply your skills and knowledge and become a treasure to help serve others in our community as an expression of the Buddhist value “Dana” — selfless giving.