Puna Hongwanji plants a new Bodhi Tree

Bodhi Tree planting - assembled group at the planting site

The sangha joined in a joyful, ceremonial planting of a new Bodhi tree on temple property behind the columbarium. One of our members helped get the tree started through a process called air layering and nurtured the young sapling for three years until it was ready to plant.

We continue to enjoy a beautiful, large Bodhi tree adjacent to Puna Hongwanji property. However, its fate is not certain so we decided to plant another tree.

new Bodhi tree in the planting hole

The young Bodhi tree in the planting hole.

Earl Mukai at the planting ceremony

Earl Mukai took care of the Bodhi tree prior to planting. He explained the difference between air layering and grafting.

placing soil around the sapling in its new spot

Infilling soil around the Bodhi tree roots.

Rev. Tomioka at the Bodhi tree planting ceremony

Rev. Tomioka at the Bodhi tree planting ceremony.