Etiquette for listening to the Dharma Message at home

Now that we all need to stay home and not allowed to be in the temple we would like to share some tips to make your home your own temple.

Basic and fundamental attitude:
1. Listen as if you are listening for the first time.
2. Listen as if the message is for you alone
3. Listen as if this is the last time you will ever do so in your life.Etiquette while listening to the Dharma Message at home

Other etiquettes:
*Turn off all electronic devices except the one you are using to watch
*Create a comfortable and peaceful seating arrangement to listen
*Hold your Buddhist beads (onenju)
*Prepare an incense burner and offer incense, if you can.
*Prepare a chanting book, Gatha Book, if you can.
*Prepare yourself for the message
*Listen to the message with a question.

Namo Amida Butsu.