Are You Up For The Challenge? Now until November 30, 2020

November stay-at-home activity. Are you up for the challenge? During the month of November it’s a time to be thankful and grateful, although it should be everyday.

The challenge from now until November 30 is to hand write and mail out a note, letter, drawing to someone else. During these times many people text, email, and use other technology to stay in touch with some. Not everyone has text or email so take the time to write a short or long message to let them know you are thinking of them. You may not realize the importance of your letter to someone else that may be struggling with life or someone who is putting their life and family at risk by reporting to work every day to care for others. Just showing a simple gratitude goes a long way.

Together as a team we should be able to reach our goal of 200 letters. Let’s hit our goal and go above and beyond to let someone know they are being thought of by you. Make someone else feel special.

Get your pen, paper/card, envelope, and stamp out and start writing or drawing. After you mailed out your letter(s) comment below, private message us, or send an email to with done with the number of letters mailed out (Done – 10). We will then track and let you know what our progress is like using the thermometer below. We will track only until November 30, but that doesn’t mean after November you should stop. After that challenge yourself to continue and reach out to others. Bottom line is to have fun.

With 5 days left (11/26) we need 80

more letters to write to reach the goal of 200. 😊